Wuthering Heights: Novel Summary: Chapters 7-8

Chapter 7: Mrs. Dean cleans Heathcliff up and encourages him to show his good humor to everyone, but just then Hindley comes in and pushes him out, saying that he will not see their guests. Edgar comes into the kitchen and remarks about Heathcliffs long hair, and Heathcliff throws hot applesauce in his face. Isabella and Catherine come running, and Heathcliff is locked away. The party soon has dinner, but Cathy cannot eat, thinking about Heathcliff. Later in the evening a traveling band comes to the house, and this gives Cathy the chance to go and see Heathcliff. She and Nelly get him out and to the kitchen, and he says that he is thinking of a way to get back at Hindley.
Chapter 8: One day Catherine comes to talk to Ellen. Mr. Hindley has gone from the house, and Heathcliff has given himself the day off. Edgar is to come by, and Heathcliff is angry because she spends more time with Edgar than him. Heathcliff leaves the house. When Edgar arrives, Cathy gets irritated at Ellen because she will not leave the room (Hindley had told her not to let Edgar and Cathy be alone together). She pinches Ellen, and when Ellen gets mad, she denies that she did it. She then slaps Ellens face. By this time young Hareton is crying, and Cathy picks him up to shake him. Edgar tries to get him away from her, and she slaps him. Edgar is quite angry and means to leave the house and Cathy, but he cannot. Even though she lied and she hit him, he goes back to her. Later Hindley comes home drunk, and Edgar leaves.

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