Wuthering Heights: Novel Summary: Chapters 33-34

Chapter 33: Later Catherine talks against Heathcliff, but Hareton asks her how she would like it if he talked against her father, so she does not speak about Heathcliff to Hareton again. The friendship continues, and Hareton improves much because of it. One night Heathcliff comes home to find Catherine and Hareton happily together over a book and he does not say anything. He tells Ellen that he does not have the will for revenge anymore, and that he feels that a big change is coming. He tells her that he does not sense that death is coming, but that he cannot continue in this fashion.
Chapter 34: The next morning Heathcliff tells her that he will be calling for Mr. Green as he wants to make a will, and he tells her that it is not his fault that he cannot eat or sleep. He tells her to make sure that the sexton arranges the coffins as he wants and leaves the room. Later he calls her, but she will not go to him as he is frightening her with his talk. That evening is wet, and the next morning Ellen sees that Heathcliffs windows are open and the rain is driving in. She goes to his room to find him dead. Hareton is the only one who suffers because of Heathcliffs death, and he is the one who had been most wronged by him. The doctor cannot explain what killed him. He is buried as he had wished.
Ellen tells Lockwood that the country folks around there say that they see Heathcliff. She thinks they are idle tales, but Joseph says that he has seen Heathcliff and Catherine walking together. She tells her own story about encountering a boy who saw Heathcliff and a woman and could not pass them with his sheep and two lambs. Lockwood asks about young Catherine and Hareton, and Ellen tells him that they will be married on New Years Day and will move to the Grange. She will accompany them. Joseph will keep up the Heights and lock up most of it. On his way back to the Grange, Lockwood stops to look at the three graves.

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