Wuthering Heights: Novel Summary: Chapters 27-28

Chapter 27: Catherine tells Heathcliff that her father will be miserable if she does not return, and asks him to send Ellen to the Grange so he will know that she is safe. He refuses. She also offers to marry Linton now so that she may return, but he again refuses. Soon it grows dark and servants come from the Grange looking for the two, but they are sent away. Neither sleep that night, and in the morning, Heathcliff comes for Catherine, leaving Ellen locked in the housekeepers room. Hours later Hareton comes to bring Ellen food, but he will not help her. Ellen is locked in the room for five nights and four days.
Chapter 28: All are happy to see her when she arrives, and she goes to tell Mr. Linton that Catherine will be coming. He finds it best to change his will so that Catherine will get his property and Heathcliff will not, and sends for his lawyer, Mr. Green. Ellen sends four men to Wuthering Heights to get Catherine. The lawyer sends word that he cannot come now, but will soon come, and the four men return saying that Heathcliff had told them that Catherine was too ill to be moved. Ellen scolds them for their stupidity, and resolves to go there at daylight.
The next morning Catherine herself comes. She goes to her father, and he soon dies blissfully and quietly with her. The lawyer finally comes after going to Wuthering Heights for his instructions. He had been bought off by Heathcliff and so did not arrive in time for Edgar to change his will. Mr. Green fires all of the servants except Ellen. Catherine tells Ellen that Linton finally helped her because she was so full of anguish. He let her out of her room, and she went into her mothers old room and crawled out the window.

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