Wuthering Heights: Novel Summary: Chapters 25-26

Chapter 25: Mr. Linton asks Ellen what she thinks of Linton, and she replies that he is not like his father, and that if Catherine had the misfortune to marry him, he would not be beyond her control. He is not bothered by the fact that Linton is Heathcliffs son, but he is worried that Linton is not good enough for Catherine. Spring comes, and Edgar writes to Linton saying that he wants to see him. Linton replies that his father will not allow him to come to the Grange. He also writes that he wishes that he and Catherine could meet in his company and spend some time together for walks or rides. Edgar cannot allow it though, for he is too ill to venture out. Linton continues to write, and Ellen is sure that Heathcliff does the writing, or the letters would be full of complaints and lamentations. In the summer Edgar still cannot go out, but he agrees to let Linton and his daughter meet between the two houses in the company of Ellen.
Chapter 26: Ellen and Catherine ride out to the appointed spot, but there is a servant asking them to come nearer, and when they finally see Linton, he is quite close to Wuthering Heights, laying on the ground.  Ellen can see that he is still quite ill, but he tries to tell them that he is getting better.  Linton has great trouble talking, and makes it obvious that he finds his meeting with them a chore.  Catherine talks of leaving, but Linton looks fearfully towards the Heights and asks them to stay another half hour.  He tells Catherine to tell her father that he is in good health, and that if she should run across Heathcliff not to tell him how quiet he was during their meeting.  He also tells her to come back the next Thursday.   When they part, Catherine tells Linton that she is disappointed in their meeting.

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