Wuthering Heights: Novel Summary: Chapters 23-24

Chapter 23: On their way home Ellen tells Catherine that she must not go back, but Catherine says that she will, as she must nurse Linton. As soon as they get home Ellen changes out of her shoes and socks that had gotten wet on the way to Wuthering Heights, but it is too late. She is ill and is laid up for three weeks. Catherine spends her time between nursing her father and Ellen, and Ellen does not suspect that she rides across the moors at night to see Linton.
Chapter 24: She tells Ellen how one time Hareton met her and tried to show her that he had learned to read and spell his own name, but she laughed when she found out that that was all he could do. Later that same visit Hareton angrily ran into the room in which Catherine and Linton were and grabbed Linton and swung him off his chair, telling him that they could not leave him out of the room. Linton was quite frightened and started screaming, and Catherine ran for the Zillah. She told Catherine that she would take care of things, and Catherine was talked into leaving. As she left, Hareton tried to talk to her, but she hit him with her riding whip.
When Catherine finally went back, she found Linton very unhappy and blaming her for what happened with Hareton. Catherine left, which Linton did not expect, and he called after her. Catherine was determined to stay away, but her resolve melted, and the day after the next she returned to Linton. He told her that he would try to be good and she believed him. She tells Ellen that she has told her all there is to tell, and asks her not to make Linton and her father miserable by telling her father. Ellen says she will decide what she will do by the next day, but really she goes in and tells the whole story to Mr. Linton. He is alarmed and distressed, and tells Catherine that she is not to go there anymore.

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