Wuthering Heights: Novel Summary: Chapters 15-16

Chapter 15: Ellen starts to get nervous because the church service is over. Heathcliff must leave, but Cathy begs him not to. They remain embraced as Ellen sees Linton approaching. Catherine seems to have fainted or died as Linton enters and springs at Heathcliff. Ellen gets him to see to Catherine though, and Heathcliff leaves, making Ellen promise that she will come out the garden the next day to tell him how Catherine is doing.
Chapter 16: The funeral is not for a few days, and the coffin is left open in the meantime. Linton spends his days and nights there, and Heathcliff spends his outside. Ellen knows that he wants to enter, and she leaves a window open when Edgar has to leave the coffin from fatigue. Heathcliff comes in and takes Edgars lock of hair from Catherines locket and replaces it with his, throwing Edgars to the floor. Ellen later picks it up, entwines the two locks, and replaces them in the locket. Hindley is invited to the funeral, but he does not show up. Isabella is not asked.

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