Wuthering Heights: Novel Summary: Chapters 13-14

Chapter 13: She writes that they are at Wuthering Heights, and that she has just found out about Catherines illness. She asks Ellen to tell Edgar that she would like to see him and Catherine. The rest of the letter she says is only for Ellen. She asks if Heathcliff is a man or a devil or mad, and relates her time at the Heights. She tells how Joseph was not welcoming, and how Hareton said he would make the dog attack her and would not let her in the house. She says how she found Hindley strange and slovenly. She asked him where she should sleep, and he said that she should go to Heathcliffs chamber, but that she should be careful to lock the door because if he should find it open, he would shoot Heathcliff, and he showed her a pistol. Isabella tells Ellen that he is clearly mad. Isabella found Joseph and asked him to show her to a room. He tried to show her to small and dirty rooms, and said there were no other rooms, and she got exasperated and threw her dinner to the ground. She ended up staying the night on a chair in Haretons room. When Heathcliff asked her what she was doing, she replied that he had the key to their room in his pocket. He replied that it will never be their room. Isabella writes that Heathcliff is trying to make her hate him, and that she is terrified of him. She asks Ellen not to tell anyone at the Grange about this, but to come there herself as soon as possible.
Chapter 14:  Ellen tells Edgar that she has received a letter from Isabella and that she asks his forgiveness and wants to see him.  He will not see or write her, but he tells Ellen to tell her that he is not angry at her.  Ellen goes to Wuthering Heights.  Hindley is out, but Heathcliff is there, and the place is quite neglected.  Isabella expects a letter from her brother, and is disappointed when Ellen tells her she has nothing for her.  Heathcliff asks after Catherine, and tells Ellen that she must arrange for a way for him to see her.  She does not want to, as the fight between he and Edgar caused her illness. Heathcliff tells Ellen that Isabella is irrational and came to him filled with delusions.  He tells her that he never told her he loved her, and that she even left with him when she saw him hang her little dog.  He tells Ellen that Isabella may leave if she wishes, and Isabella tells Ellen not to believe it, as she has tried to leave before.  Heathcliff thrusts Isabella from the room and tries to talk Ellen into helping him see Catherine again.  He convinces her that it would be better for her to help so that he does not meet Linton and upset Catherine more.  He gives her a letter to give Catherine.

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