Wuthering Heights: Novel Summary: Chapters 11-12

 Chapter 11: The next time Heathcliff comes to the Grange he finds Isabella in the garden, and Ellen sees them talk and then embrace. Catherine also sees, and she asks Heathcliff what it is all about. The two of them fight, Heathcliff saying that Catherine has treated him infernally and that he is unrevenged. Ellen sees Edgar in the house and tells him what she saw between Heathcliff and Isabella and that he and Catherine are fighting in the kitchen. He has a few servants wait outside, and he goes into the kitchen and tells Catherine that he has been too lenient, but that from now on Heathcliff is not welcome in their home and must leave instantly. Heathcliff is amused by Lintons threats, and when Linton signals Ellen to let the servants in, Catherine realizes what is going on and locks the door, scolding Edgar for not being man enough to face Heathcliff alone. Edgar is quite frightened now, and when Heathcliff kicks the chair he is leaning on, he springs up and strikes Heathcliff hard in the throat. He then runs out to get men to help him. Heathcliff wants to stay and have it out with Linton, but when he sees him approaching with other men, he thinks better of it and makes his escape.
Catherine is quite distraught and has Ellen go upstairs with her. Catherine tells her that she will break both of their hearts by breaking her own. Edgar comes in and asks Catherine if she will have no more to do with Heathcliff now, and she yells at him to leave her alone. Ellen brings her some water, but she will not drink, and Edgar gets quite worried about her distraction, but Ellen tells him that she is just acting frantic. The next morning Catherine does not eat at all, and the next day she again wants no food. Edgar spends his time in the library reading, and does not ask about Catherine. He tries to talk to Isabella about what happened with Heathcliff, but she will not talk to him about it, and he can do nothing but warn her that if she were to encourage him they could no longer be family.
Chapter 12: Ellen decides to run for the doctor, and when she enters the garden, she sees Isabellas dog suspended by a handkerchief and about to die. She releases it and runs on. The doctor asks about Heathcliff, and says that he had heard that he and Isabella had been seen together the night before. This news frightens Ellen, and when she goes into Isabellas room, she finds it empty. She does not want to tell Edgar of it then, as he is busy with Catherine. The doctor tells them to keep Catherine in perfect tranquillity. They all are busy taking care of her, and eventually a maid comes to say that Isabella has run off with Heathcliff. She says that she heard it from another that they were seen together in the middle of the night. Linton says that no one is to go after them as Isabella went of her own accord. He says that they are to talk of her no more, for while he did not disown her, she disowned him.
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