Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea: Metaphors

ClothingDresses take on particular symbolic significance as they suggest wealth and for Antoinette a form of pleasure and memory. They also emphasize the situation she is in. The breakdown of her relationship with Tia is highlighted further, for example, when Tia steals her dress. When she is incarcerated, her red dress evokes memories of the …

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Wide Sargasso Sea: Characters

AmélieShe is a young servant and she leaves the day after having sex with Rochester.AnnetteThis is the name used for Antoinette’s mother, although her name is also referred to as being the same as her daughter’s so could be Antoinette or Antoinetta.AntoinetteAntoinette is one of the first-person narrators of the novel, along with Rochester, and …

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