Wide Sargasso Sea: Characters

AmélieShe is a young servant and she leaves the day after having sex with Rochester.AnnetteThis is the name used for Antoinette’s mother, although her name is also referred to as being the same as her daughter’s so could be Antoinette or Antoinetta.AntoinetteAntoinette is one of the first-person narrators of the novel, along with Rochester, and is also referred to as Bertha. Bertha is her given name in Jane Eyre.Aunt CoraShe is Antoinette’s aunt and she advises her to not marry Rochester. She is seen to be without influence, though, and we are told she is too old by the end of the novel to defend her niece.BaptisteHe is one of the servants at the honeymoon house at Granbois.ChristophineChristophine is Antoinette’s main defender and security, but she is finally driven away by Rochester. It is also strongly suggested that she is obeah (able to perform witchcraft).Daniel CoswayHe claims to be related to Antoinette, as he says they share the same father.Mr MasonAs Antoinette’s step-father, he assumes responsibility for her when her mother is deemed insane. He also leaves her half of his estate in his will.PierreThis is Antoinette’s younger brother who dies following the fire at Coulibri. He was born disabled.Richard MasonRichard is Antoinette’s step-brother and he appears to have agreed to the marriage between Antoinette and Rochester without regard for safeguarding a settlement for her.RochesterAlthough unnamed, Rochester is the second first-person narrator of the novel and the husband of Antoinette. His name is known to the readers via Jane Eyre.TiaShe is a childhood friend of Antoinette. After they row, Tia takes her dress and later throws a stone at her when a crowd gathers at Coulibri.