White Noise

White Noise: Theme

Fear of DeathFear of death is the fundamental theme of the novel. Jack and Babette both fear death; it is a fear that comes to dominate their lives. This fear first reveals itself in the question that Jack and Babette ask themselves, Who will  die first? This is something they discuss from time to time. …

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White Noise: Metaphors

SunsetsSunsets are a key motif in the novel. In chapter six, Jack comments on the “glorious sunsets” they are witnessing, and adds that he has been told that thirty or forty years ago the sunsets were not so spectacular. He wonders whether the new brilliance is due to the circulation of industrial wastes in the …

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White Noise: Charaters

Dana BreedloveDana Breedlove is one of Jack’s ex-wives, and is Steffie’s mother. She is also the mother of Mary Alice, Jack’s oldest child. Jack was married to her twice. Dana works part-time for the CIA.Tweedy BrownerTweedy Browner is one of Jack’s ex-wives.  She is the mother of Bee and is now married to a man …

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