Washington Square: Characters

CatherineCatherine is one of the central characters. It is often stressed how she is plain and is ordinary rather than extraordinary. These somewhat negative attributes are derived mainly from her father’s perception of her.Dr SloperHe is notable for his use of irony, sarcasm and lack of sympathy. This lack of sympathy is in itself ironic given that he is a trusted doctor.Morris TownsendMorris is Catherine’s suitor and the anti-hero of the novel. He is thought to be only interested in the wealth Catherine is set to inherit from her father, but Catherine believes he loves her.Mrs AlmondMrs Almond is an aunt of Catherine and the sister of Dr Sloper and Mrs Penniman. Of the two aunts, Mrs Almond is characterized as the more sensible and less romantic.Mrs MontgomeryShe is the sister of Morris Townsend and plays only a minor role. When Dr Sloper visits her, she reveals that she thinks Morris should not marry Catherine.Mrs PennimanMrs Penniman is the sister of the Doctor and Mrs Almond and the aunt of Catherine. She is depicted as romantic, meddlesome and her notions of romantic love help to drive the plot.