Up from Slavery: Characters

AmandaWashington’s sister.Booker Taliaferro WashingtonWashington is the first-person narrator (of this autobiography).Booker Taliaferro WashingtonThis younger Booker is Washington’s eldest son and second child.Ernest Davidson WashingtonThis is Washington’s third child.Fannie N. SmithShe is Washington’s first wife and mother of Portia. She also graduated from Hampton Institute and died in 1884.General Samuel C. ArmstrongThe General is referred to as one of many significant influences on Washington’s life and was the founder of the Hampton Institute.JamesDespite the family’s poverty, James was adopted into the Washington family by Washington’s mother.JohnJohn is Washington’s brother and he helped to support him while he studied at Hampton.Margaret James MurrayShe is Washington’s third wife and is a native of Mississippi and a graduate from Fisk University. They married in 1893.Mary F. MackieAs the head teacher of Hampton Institute, she was a formative influence on Washington.MotherWashington’s mother is depicted as impoverished, hard working and always supportive of her children. Despite their dire circumstances, she managed to secure a book for her son and gave him her encouragement in his wish to have an education.Olivia A. DavidsonOlivia is Washington’s second wife and mother of Booker and Ernest.Portia M. WashingtonShe is the only child of Washington and Fannie, and his first.