Tortilla Flat: Top Ten Quotes

“It is impossible to say whether Danny expected any rent, or whether Pilon expected to pay any. If they did, both were disappointed. Danny never asked for it, and Pilon never offered it.?(p. 16)
A glimpse of the unusual way the paisanos go about their business arrangements.

“Pilon was a lover of beauty and a mystic. He raised his face into the sky and his soul arose out of him into the suns afterglow.?(p. 18)
The narrator describes the innocent side of Pilons personality.

“The afternoon came down as imperceptibly as age comes to a happy man. A little gold entered into the sunlight.?(p. 33)
The narrator gives a glimpse of the idyllic setting of the novel.

“They sat about the stove with tears in their eyes, and their love for one another was almost unbearable.?(p. 48)
Danny, Pilon, Pablo and Jesus Maria share their good feelings after Jesus Maria has promised they will ensure that there is always food in the house for Danny.

“In civilian life one is punished for things one does; but army codes add a new principle to this-they punish a man for things he does not do.?(p. 65)
The narrator tells of Big Joe Portagees time in the army.

“[A] present, especially to a lady, should have no quality that will require a further present.?(p. 94)
Pilons comment regarding Dannys gift of the vacuum cleaner to a lady who has no electricity.

“The regularity with which she became a mother always astonished Teresina. It occurred sometimes that she could not remember who the father of the impending baby was; and occasionally she almost grew convinced that no lover was necessary.?(p. 125)
The narrator comments amusingly on the loose morals of Teresina Cortez.

“It is worse than whipping to be laughed at.?(p. 139)
Jesus Maria comments on the story about Tall Bob Smoke, and how he was always laughed at.

“Thy life is not thine own to govern, Danny, for it controls other lives. See how thy friends suffer! Spring to life, Danny, that thy friends may live again!?(p. 161)
The narrator comments on Dannys apathy that is affecting his friends.

“Thus must it be, O wise friends of Danny. The cord that bound you together is cut. The magnet that drew you has lost its virtue.?(p. 178)
The narrators words as the friends of Danny are about to split up and go their own ways after his death.