Things fall Apart

Things fall Apart: Themes

ToleranceThough Achebe is extremely political in his writing and speaking, even at times an activist in his life on behalf of Biafra and Nigeria, he stresses the virtues of moderation and tolerance. Rigid characters on either side of the fence, clan or Christian, are shown to be divisive, and they lead to the violence and …

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Things fall Apart: Characters

CelesteMeursault visits his restaurant regularly. Celeste also acts as a witness for Meursault in court.MarieMarie is Meursault’s girlfriend and is one of his witnesses in court.MassonIt is on a visit to Masson’s beach bungalow that Meursault kills a man. Masson is a friend of Raymond.MeursaultThis is the eponymous anti-hero and first-person narrator of the novel. …

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Things fall Apart: Biography

Albert Chinualumogu Achebe was born the son of Isaiah Okafo, a Christian churchman, and Janet N. Achebe, November 16, 1930, in Ogidi, Nigeria. He attended University College of Ibadan, studying medicine and then switching to literature. He changed his name to Chinua Achebe and after graduation worked as a journalist for the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation. …

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