Things fall Apart: Characters

CelesteMeursault visits his restaurant regularly. Celeste also acts as a witness for Meursault in court.MarieMarie is Meursault’s girlfriend and is one of his witnesses in court.MassonIt is on a visit to Masson’s beach bungalow that Meursault kills a man. Masson is a friend of Raymond.MeursaultThis is the eponymous anti-hero and first-person narrator of the novel. He is characterized by his diffidence. He is judged for this as well as for the murder he commits.Meursault’s motherAlthough his mother is dead at the beginning of the novel, she is of relevance as he is judged on the way he behaves at her funeral when questioned in court for murder.Raymond SintèsRaymond is a neighbor of Meursault and maligned by others in the area in that he  is thought to be a pimp. Meursault makes no moral judgement of this possibility and finds him interesting at times.SalamanoSalamano is a neighbor of Meursault and is known to be cruel to his dog. Despite this cruelty, he is bereft when the dog goes missing and Meursault appears to show some compassion towards him.