Their Eyes Were Watching God: Novel Summary: Chapter 12

This chapter begins depicting Eatonville in shock having realized that the wealthy widow Janie and the penniless Tea Cake are doing everything – especially common activities which Joe had previously forbidden – together. Janies friend Pheoby Watson talks with her about the towns concerns, only to find that Janie is well aware that every suitor after her has ulterior motives to attain her deceased husbands property. Moreover, Janie informs Pheoby that she and Tea Cake have already planned to marry; Janie has resolved to try Tea Cake out, planning to move somewhere new and start all over. Janie concludes with the self-empowering determination, “Dis aint no business proposition, and no race after property and titles. Dis is uh love game. Ah done lived Grandmas way, now Ah means tuh live mine” (108).