The Wild Duck: Characters

EkdalHe is the father of Hjalmar and is a former lieutenant. During the course of the play, it is apparent that he has been damaged psychologically after being wrongly imprisoned.GinaGina is the practical, pragmatic wife of Hjalmar and offers a contrast to the idealism demonstrated by her husband and GregersGregers WerleThis is the idealistic son of Werle and friend of Hjalmar. His idealism leads him to tell Hjalmar of his suspicions of Gina having had a relationship with his father, Werle, and of Hedvig being his child (rather than Hjalmars).HedvigHedvig is raised as the daughter of Hjalmar and Gina. Doubts over the identity of her biological father lead to Hjalmars rejection of her, which in turn leads to her suicide as a form of sacrifice.Hjalmar EkdalThis is the father of Hedvig and husband of Gina. When he discovers his wifes liaison with her former employer, Werle, he rejects her and Hedvig and now doubts that she is his daughter.MolvikMolvik and Relling are neighbors of Gina and Hjalmar.Mrs SörbyShe is Werles housekeeper and is soon to be his wife. She is also Ginas friend.RellingRelling is a neighbor of Gina and Hjalmar and is a doctor. He is characterized by his pragmatism and by his refusal to be drawn into the idealism that Gregers preaches.WerleHe is a wealthy merchant and manufacturer and is the father of Gregers and potentially the father of Hedvig.