The Way of the World: Characters

FainallThis character attempts to deceive and manipulate his wife and mother-in-law, but Mirabell intervenes. Fainall is also in an adulterous relationship with Mrs MarwoodFoibleFoible is a servant of Lady Wishfort and the wife of Waitwell.Lady WishfortShe is the mother of Mrs Fainall and aunt of Millamant and Sir Wilfull. She is powerful in terms of status and wealth and is used as a target for blackmail and manipulation by Fainall and Mirabell.MirabellHe is in love with Millamant. He plots to manipulate Lady Wishfort into allowing him to marry her, but is seen as the hero by the end of the play as he puts a stop to Fainall’s trickery.MillamantMillamant is a niece of Lady Wishfort and is in love with Mirabell.Mrs FainallShe is the wife of Fainall and daughter of Lady Wishfort. She is a former friend of Mirabell.Mrs MarwoodShe is in an adulterous relationship with Fainall and claims to be loyal to Lady Wishfort.PetulantPetulant and Witwoud are followers of Millamant.Sir WilfullHe is the half-brother of Witwoud and nephew of Lady Wishfort. He is also used as a rival for Mirabell as Lady Wishfort initially wants him to marry Millamant (rather than Mirabell)WaitwellWaitwell is Mirabell’s servant and husband to Foible. He also disguises himself as Sir Rowland, Mirabell’s uncle, in order to trick Lady Wishfort.
WitwoudAlong with Petulant, Witwoud is a follower of Millamant. He is also the half-brother of Sir Wilfull.