The Wave: Characters

Alex CooperAlex and Carl are students at the school and reporters on the school newspaper. Neither of them is attracted by the promises offered by The Wave.Amy SmithAs a friend of Laurie, she exemplifies how easily most of the students are caught up in The Wave.Ben RossBen is a history teacher and self-styled leader of The Wave. It is his experiment and as such he is the central protagonist.Brian AmmonBrian plays football in the school team, alongside David, and along with many other students he becomes a devotee of The Wave.Carl BlockCarl works on the school newspaper with Laurie. He and Alex are two of the few who do not succumb to The Wave.Christy RossChristy is a teacher at the school and is the wife of Ben.David CollinsHe is the boyfriend of Laurie and captain of the football team. He questions the influence of The Wave after he pushes Laurie to the ground when she refuses to be obedient to this movement.Laurie SaundersShe is one of the few characters to question The Wave and through her work on the school newspaper she helps to undermine its influence.Principal OwensOwens finally brings a halt to The Wave, but only after Ben asks that he be allowed to end it on his own terms.Robert BillingsBefore The Wave is introduced to the class, Robert is characterized as an outsider and an isolated figure. With The Wave, he finds a niche in the classroom and benefits from the notion of equality that is propounded. His character acts as a warning, as he highlights how a fascist movement such as The Wave can exploit inequalities in a society.