The Wave: Biography

Todd Strasser, author of novels for children and young adults, was born in New York City in 1950. He studied at New York University and after dropping out he travelled in Europe. After returning to the United States, he returned to study, at Beloit College, and went on to work as a reporter.He is a prolific writer and to date has written over 130 books. His first novel was Angel Dust Blues (1979) and he has gone on to write others such as the Help! I’m Trapped series, which has sold almost 10 million copies, Give a Boy a Gun (2000) and The Wave (1981). The Wave is based on the experience of Ron Jones and has also been adapted for television and film. In 1967 in Palo Alto, California, Jones performed the experiment on students that is the basis of The Wave and went on to write an essay about it. He also writes under the pseudonyms Morton Rhue and T.S. Rue.He has received a number of awards for his writing including American Library Association Best Book for Teens and Best Book for Reluctant Readers for Can’t Get There From Here (2004).