The Time Machine: Novel Summary: Chapter Six

The Time Travelers experience with the Morlocks left him trying to remove the whole ordeal from his memory. During his next exploration, he spies a large green building, which he refers to as the Palace of Green Porcelain.  This building plays a major role later in the story.  He decides to investigate this building thoroughly, but before he can do that, he convinces himself that he must first build up the courage to head underground and deal with the Morlocks.  Weena accompanies him to the well, but leaves after he delves into the unknown, probably out of fear of the disgusting creatures.  After navigating the labyrinth of underground tunnels, the Time Traveler enters a large alcove in which he can see and hear large machinery hard at work.  As Morlocks approach him, he fends them off with a match, but soon realizes that his match supply is running low. While escaping from the underground lair of these subterranean monsters, our hero uses up the last of his matches, noting how unprepared he was for his voyage through time.