The Time Machine: Novel Summary: Chapter Nine

Upon leaving the Palace of Green Porcelain, the Time Traveler hopes to reach the other side of the dense forest before nightfall, and set up camp.  From there, he plans to return to the White Sphinx the following morning.  Unfortunately, things rarely work out as planned.  He and Weena are forced to set up camp within the dark forest, but with a fire lit by the camphor to protect them.  Due to extreme fatigue, they both fall asleep and the fire goes out, leaving them prone to an attack by the Morlocks.  Toward sunrise, the Time Traveler awakens to see the Morlocks fleeing for their lives, running awkwardly as if they were blind.  An earlier fire he had used to help flee the palace had spread rapidly and was now closing in on him.  The Time Traveler eventually reaches safety, beating the Morlocks with his iron pipe along the way, but Weena was left in the forest to burn, a better ending than what awaited her beneath the surface.