The Time Machine: Novel Summary: Chapter Eight

In search of some type of supplies, the Time Traveler heads toward the Palace of Green Porcelain with Weena one afternoon.  He finds the building “deserted and falling into ruin.” Upon further investigation, he discovers that this “palace” is actually a type of museum with sections for paleontology, geology, and even natural history.  As they reach a larger room filled with complex machines, Weenas fears alert the Time Traveler to the diminishing light and the probably presence of the Morlocks.  Before leaving the Palace, the Time Traveler finds a perfectly preserved box of matches, a highly inflammable substance known as camphor, and a lever he has broken off one of the machines to be used both as a mace and a pry bar for the bronze doors.  He feels a renewed sense of confidence now that he has the ability to fend off the Morlocks both with fire and a club.