The Things They Carried:Novel Summary: “The Dentist”

Summary of “The Dentist”OBrien could not mourn Curt Lemons death. Curt tried to play the tough soldier and did dangerous stunts. He once painted up his body on Halloween and went trick or treating naked. During a peaceful time on a beach where the men felt like they were on vacation, the military brought in a dentist to take care of the mens teeth. Curt Lemon was nervous and fainted. Embarrassed to be seen like this, he went back to the dentist later claiming a toothache that he did not have. He made the dentist pull a perfectly good tooth, and then he felt better.
Commentary on “The Dentist”The men are aware of appearing manly and brave to one another. Curt who was always posturing and acting brave was actually afraid of pain. At the dentist he is caught, but he uses the incident as a way to regain his manhood in the eyes of the others.