The Tempest: Novel Summary: Act 5, scene 1

Prospero converses with Ariel and decides to release the king and his men from the enchantment that Prospero has placed on them.  Ariel, happy that the plan is almost completed, brings the men to Prospero.  Sebastian, Antonio, and Alonso have all been wracked with guilt at their former treatment of Prospero, and when they are brought to him they are amazed.  Prospero reveals himself and demands his position back as Duke of Milan.  Alonso agrees, and in return Prospero gives the king what he most desires.  Prospero walks him over to a window of his cell, and tells the king to look inside.  Alonso sees his missing son playing chess with Prosperos daughter.  He is overjoyed, though at first he thinks its an illusion.  Prospero tells him the news about the childrens engagement, and they come out of the house and greet the party.  Prospero sends Ariel to get their ship that is harbored on the other side of the island.  Ariel comes back with an amazed Boatswain and Captain who have no idea how their ship had been restored.  Ariel then rounds up Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculio in their stolen clothing, and Alonso greets his drunken butler.  The three errant men are forced to give up their stolen clothing, and Prospero invites all to spend the night in his house before they all depart in the morning.  Alonso cannot wait to hear Prosperos story, which hes agreed to tell.  Lastly, Prospero releases the spirit Ariel and gives up his magic forever.