The Tempest: Novel Summary: Act 1, scene 2

Stranded on the same deserted island for twelve years, the former duke of Milan tries to explain the situation to his daughter, Miranda.  He tells her the story of his brother and the king, who arranged for he and Miranda to be lost at sea, so his brother can have his title.  He explains also that he conjured up the storm by magic and ensured that no one was harmed.  Prospero then charms Miranda and to sleep, and summons his spirit servant, Ariel, to hear about the results of the storm.  Prospero awakens Miranda and decides to visit another of his slaves, Caliban.  The slave tries to get out of his enslavement, but because of previous crimes hes committed, Prospero threatens him into labor.  Ariel makes sure that Ferdinand, the prince of Naples, runs into Prospero and Miranda.  The young ones fall instantly in love, and in order to keep them so, Prospero enslaves Ferdinand.