The Tempest: Character Profiles

Prospero-A former Duke of Milan that was abandoned on an island with his young daughter so his brother could have his title. Years later, for revenge, he draws up a tempest and strands everyone on a ship on the island as well. Hes developed a wealth of spirit servants and magic power in his time on the island. He takes the Prince of Naples prisoner so the young man will fall in love with his daughter, but his ultimate goal would be to get his dukedom back, and to teach the men who conspired against him a lesson.
Miranda:Prosperos daughter who spent most of her life on the island. She is kind-hearted and gentle, and Ferdinand falls madly in love with her and she with him. They say that her beauty is unsurpassable and that she was a treasure for Ferdinand to find.
Ariel:A spirit who is a servant to Prospero. He performs services for Prospero in order to earn his freedom from bondage.
Alonso: King of Naples who helped in the plot to send Prospero out to sea. While on the island, he is bereft at the loss of his son, and remorseful of his treatment to Prospero. In the end he restores Prosperos title and finds his son happy and engaged.
Ferdinand:Prince of Naples, Ferdinand gets separated from the rest of his party when the ship was sinking, and Prospero, as planned, found him. He made him a servant, and forced many hard tasks on him. Miranda came to his aide, and they fell in love. Prospero then releases him and gives him permission to marry his daughter.
Antonio:Prosperos brother who was the main conspirator on sending the man and his daughter out to sea. While they are missing, Antonio carries the title of Duke of Milan, but the king revokes it when Prospero is found. While on the island, he conspires with Sebastian to kill the king.
Sebastian:Alonsos brother, he and Antonio decide to kill the king since his son is presumed dead. If Alonso died, Sebastian would inherit the throne. The plan goes awry however, so the men are only left with their guilt.
Caliban: A native to the island, Caliban is an unhappy servant to Prospero. Prospero is angry with him because of something that happened to Miranda. Caliban in retaliation tries to find a new master in Stephano, but realizes at the end of the play that following a drunken master isnt smart. During the play, he comes up with the idea of killing Prospero, and having Sebastian take Miranda. He is often referred to as Monster because of his ugly looks.
Stephano: Alonsos drunk butler who, with Calibans help and ideas, decides to try to rule the island. He fails because of his greed during Act 4 where her steals the clothing instead of killing Prospero.
Trinculo:Another servant to Alonso who conspires with Caliban and Stephano. He and Caliban do not get along, however, and it causes tension and fighting between the three.