The Scarlet Letter: Novel Summary: Chapters 6-7

Chapters 6-7Chapter 6: Hester named her child Pearl because she was her treasure in life. Pearl was beautiful and intelligent, and had an air of a nymph about her.  Even as a baby, the child was fascinated by the scarlet letter Hester wore upon her breast. This was a constant reminder for Hester of her sin.  Pearl was a happy laughing child who had a fiery passion and temper that made Hester and others wonder if she was a demon with her black eyes.  Everywhere Hester went Pearl went also.  They had only each other.  Hester attempted to raise her daughter with Puritan values but could not discipline her and Pearl held the strings on whether or not she did what she was told. 
Chapter 7: Hester and Pearl went to the Governor Bellinghams house to deliver a pair of gloves she had embroidered for him.  More than the delivery, Hester was there to plead to be able to keep Pearl.  The people of the town thought that because of her sin, Hester was unfit to raise her child.  When she arrived to the house, the governor was with other gentleman in the garden and they waited for a chance to speak with him.  As they were waiting, Pearl was examining a shining suit of armor and saw Hester in it.  She was delighted by the sight, and Hesters image was lost behind the large shiny red letter that was magnified by the polished armor.