The Scarlet Letter: Novel Summary: Chapters 22-23

Chapter 22: The parade began and Pearl saw the minister when he reached the front.  She asked if that was the same minister who kissed her in the woods, and Hester told her to not talk about it in the marketplace.  Mistress Hibbins approached her and began talking to Hester about the minister.  Hester denied any involvement with him, and they began watching as he preached to the people.  Pearl left her mother and wandered around.  The captain of the ship told Pearl to give her mother a message for him.  She told him that her father was the Prince of Air.  She threatened him and ran to her mother.  Hesters mind wandered and thought about how she would soon be free of he scarlet letter and the pain associated with it.
Chapter 23: The minister ended his incredible speech and it was one of the best of his life.  The people were inspired and as the parade turned therefor, everyone would exit.  The minister looked exceptionally sick and called to Hester and Pearl to come to him.  Roger Chillingworth ran towards and tried to get Hester back from the minister.  He is dying and with his last breaths he shouts his sin to the audience around and blesses Hester and Pearl.  He tells the people to take another better look at Hester and at himself so they see the truth in them.  He ripped off the ministerial band from his chest, and the people stood shocked.  The people are struck with awe and sympathy.  The doctor came over the minister, awestruck because he will lose him and his revenge. Dimmesdale asks Pearl for a kiss and she finally places one on his lips.  Hester kneels over him and asks him if they will not see each other again, and spend eternity together.  The reverend tells her that their sin was too large, and that is all she should be concerned.  He shouted farewell to the audience and breathed his last breath.