The Scarlet Letter: Novel Summary: Chapters 18-19

Chapters 18-19Chapter 18: Together they decide to leave the New World together and not torture themselves further with their sin so that only God will judge them.  To them, they are damned already.  Hester unhooks her scarlet letter and tosses it by the bubbling brook.  They make plans together and say that they will leave for England on the ship that is in the harbor.  Talking of their love and their plans, they call back Pearl, for once happy and with lifted spirits.  Pearl is off in the forest playing and interacting with the animals.  When they call her back, Pearl comes slowly when she sees them sitting together.
Chapter 19: They sat there looking at Pearl as she approached.  She had adorned herself with wild flowers and looked like a fairy child.  They rejoiced in their child as she came towards him, and Arthur was exceptionally afraid and anxious for the interview.  Pearl stopped at the brook and stared at them.  The child pointed at her mother with a frown.  Hester called out to her harshly to come and Pearl began screaming and throwing a tantrum.  Hester realized that the child was upset that her scarlet letter was not affixed to her mothers breast.  She walked over to where it lay on the ground and showed it to the child.  She pinned it back into place, and Pearl was pacified and happy again.  They approached the minister and the three of them held hands, and they tried to explain to her that they were all going to be a happy family.  The minister kissed Pearls forehead and she ran quickly to the brook to try to wash it away.