The Scarlet Letter: Novel Summary: Chapter 24

Chapter 24: People swore after that day that when they saw the minister rip off the band on his breast that a scarlet A resided there.  Many thought that he made the revelation in the dying hour so everyone would know that one who appeared so pure, was as much a sinner as the rest of them. Roger Chillingworth died within the year and bequeathed large amounts of property both in New England and in England to Pearl.  This made Pearl the richest heiress in the New World.  Soon after his death, Hester Prynne and her little Pearl disappeared.  Years later Hester came back alone to live with her sin in her cottage.  Pearl was thought to be happily married elsewhere and mindful of her mother.  After her return, many people of the town went to Hester for advice and help when they were in need.  After many years she died, and was placed next to the saintly minister.  They shared a tombstone and they would be together forever.