The Prince: Novel Summary: Chapters 23-24

Chapter 23: Now Machiavelli turns his attention to flatterers.  He promotes the idea that the prince should always demand the truth of his servants and secretaries, no matter what the cost.  The truth is vital because a kingdom built on lies will not stand.  Machiavelli recommends, “[the prince] on learning that any one, on any consideration, has not told him the truth, he should let his anger be felt.” He goes on: “men will always prove untrue to you unless they are kept honest by constraint.”
Chapter 24: In this short chapter, Machiavelli mentions more Italian politics, mostly criticizing the Italian princes of the era.  He reiterates the difficulties yet rewards of being a new prince, saying, “it will be a double glory to him to have established a new principality, and adorned and strengthened it with good laws, good arms, good allies, and with a good example.”