The Power and the Glory: Top Ten Quotes

Mr. Tench’s reflections on why his life turned out the way it did.“There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.” (Part I, Chapter 1).

The narrator’s comments about the situation of the persecuted priest.
“He had tried to escape, but he was like the King of a West African tribe, the slave of his people, who may not even lie down in case the winds should fail.” (Part I, Chapter I ).

A description of Captain Fellows when he finds out that the priest is hiding in his barn.
“He walked slowly: happiness drained out of him more quickly and completely than out of an unhappy man: an unhappy man is always prepared.” (Part I, Chapter 3)

The lieutenant’s ideals.
“He would eliminate from their childhood everything which had made him miserable, all that was poor, superstitious, and corrupt.” (Part I, Chapter 4)

The villagers as they assemble for inspection by the police.
“The men and women had the air already of people condemned by authority—authority was never wrong.” (Part II, Chapter 1)

Maria speaking to the priest.
“Suppose you die. You’ll be a martyr, won’t you? What kind of a martyr do you think you’ll make? It’s enough to make people mock.” (Part II, Chapter 1)

The priest’s realization about his daughter, Brigida.
“The knowledge of the world lay in her like the dark explicable spot in an X-ray photograph.” (Part II, Chapter 3)

The priest speaking to the dying American.
“You’ve killed a lot of people—that’s about all. Anybody can do that for a while, and then he is killed too. Just as you are killed. Nothing left except pain.” (Part III, Chapter 2)

The priest speaking to the lieutenant.
“I don’t know a thing about the mercy of God: I don’t know how awful the human heart looks to Him.” (Part III Chapter 3)

The priest on the morning of his death.
“He knew now that at the end there was only one thing that counted—to be a saint.” (Part III, Chapter 4)