The Politics

The Politics: Top Ten Quotes

“The final and perfect association formed from a number of villages, is the polis…it exists for the sake of a good life.” “…there are species in which a distinction is already marked, immediately at birth, between those of its members who are intended for being ruled and those who are intended to rule…” “Warlike pursuits…are …

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The Politics: Theme Analysis

Aristotles The Politics outlines many themes- namely Aristotles beliefs about how government and society should be run. In general, his ideas contrast with Plato in that Aristotle is an empiricist- he understands the importance of active observation to determine the truth. Plato, on the other hand, believes that mere logical inference can establish ideal reality. …

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The Politics: Metaphor Analysis

Since Aristotle was an empiricist, someone who sought truth through observation instead of mere speculation or “philosophical insight,” as Plato would call it, he doesnt usually employ the use of metaphors in his writing. Generally he uses a straightforward, essay-style approach in convincing others; therefore, deep symbolism or allegories are not often seen.

The Politics: Character Profiles

Aristotles The Politics is non-fiction and therefore has limited characters. Aristotle does, however, distinguish between groups of people. These divisions include the following: Slave: Aristotle believes that certain people are slaves by nature Free: Non-slaves Citizen: Aristotle largely leaves citizenship up to the poleis; he defines a citizen as “a man who shares in the …

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