The Politics: Top Ten Quotes

“The final and perfect association formed from a number of villages, is the polis…it exists for the sake of a good life.”

“…there are species in which a distinction is already marked, immediately at birth, between those of its members who are intended for being ruled and those who are intended to rule…”

“Warlike pursuits…are not the supreme end of all things, but only means.”

“It is the peculiarity of man, in comparison with the rest of the animal world, that he alone possesses a perception of good and evil, of the just and the unjust.”

“Man, when perfected, is the best of animals; but if he is isolated from law and justice he is the worse of all.”

“…it is to those who are better at the job that the better supply of tools should be given.”

“The authority of the master and that of the statesman are different….”

“Tyranny is the perversion of Kingship; Oligarchy of Aristocracy; and Democracy of Polity…None of the three is directed to the advantage of the whole body of citizens.”

“…any polis which is truly so called, and is not merely so in name, must devote itself to the end of encouraging goodness.”

“It is clear from our argument, first, that the best form of political society is one where power is vested in the middle class.”