The Politics: Biography: Aristotle

Aristotle, perhaps the most famous Greek philosopher, lived between 384 and 322 B.C. Though he was born in Stagira, near Macedonia, he spent much of his time writing and thinking in the city of Athens. When he was still very young, he developed a relationship with Plato, and the two eventually became friends and colleagues. After spending roughly twenty years as a student of Plato, Aristotle decided to create his own academy outside the city of Athens, in Asia Minor. Five years later he agreed to tutor Alexander, son of the king of Macedonia. Later, Aristotle returned to Athens to found another school. In this way, Aristotle had a certain international appeal. Unlike Plato and Socrates who had a limited arena of influence, Aristotle was able to spread Athenian ideas throughout the Mediterranean world. Aristotle is credited for being one of the first studiers of biology and physics, in addition to his interests in botany, zoology, politics and philosophy. Though many of his ideas were later proven wrong, Aristotles logic-based method led to countless physical and philosophical realizations that helped build the Western world.