The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Character Profiles


Aslan is a lion, the true ruler of Narnia, possessing supernatural powers. He breaks the Witch’s spell over Narnia by melting winter into spring and by releasing the stone statues with his breath. He is the son of the Emperor-over-the-Sea and takes care of other countries as well as Narnia, so he is not always present. When the Witch demands payment for the law that punishes traitors, Aslan sacrifices himself to spare Edmund. He dies on the Stone Table by the Witch’s hand but is resurrected to defeat her. He organizes the creatures of Narnia and the Pevensie children into an army that destroys the Witch and her allies. After placing the Pevensie children on the four thrones of Narnia, he leaves again.


Mr. Beaver

Mr. Beaver is a friend of Tumnus, the Faun. Tumnus asks Mr. Beaver to warn the children, after Tumnus is arrested. Mr. Beaver assists the children in hiding from the Witch and in searching for Aslan. He is part of the animal underground helping to free Narnia from the Witch. He tells the background of the Witch and Aslan to the children in his home on the dam.


Mrs. Beaver 

Mrs. Beaver is Mr. Beaver’s wife and a fussy housewife. She is always at her sewing machine in the house on the dam. When they escape, she is the one who makes everyone carry provisions for their long journey. She tends the wounded Edmund on the battlefield.


The Dwarf 

The Dwarf is the White Witch’s loyal companion and counselor, driving her sledge and discussing options with her. She turns him into a tree stump when Aslan’s army is searching for them to hide him. He is afraid of Aslan, whose name the Witch will not let him say.


Father Christmas

Father Christmas is the huge saintly patron of Christmas whose visit to Narnia portends the arrival of Aslan and the end of the Witch’s power. Like her, he drives a sleigh with reindeer. When the Beavers hear the reindeer bells, they think it is the Witch, but it is not. She gives out poisonous gifts to trap people, while Father Christmas gives real presents and joy. He gives presents to the Beavers (a new sewing machine and sluice gate for the dam) and Christmas feasts to the animals. To the Pevensie children he gives magic arms and weapons for the coming battle with the Witch.


Giant Rumblebuffin 

Giant Rumblebuffin is a good giant who is turned to stone by the White Witch and stands in her courtyard. He is brought back to life by Aslan, and at his request, breaks down the Witch’s gate and crushes some of her army in the battle.


Jadis, the White Witch

Jadis, the White Witch comes from the city of Charn, in a dying world. She takes over Narnia and makes herself Queen there. She puts a spell on Narnia so it is frozen winter all the time but never Christmas. She terrorizes the animals and when crossed she uses her wand to turn creatures to stone. She is always worried about the prophecy that “two sons of Adam” and “two daughters of Eve” will come to Narnia and sit on the four thrones of Cair Paravel, which she has usurped as her castle. She fears Aslan, but he has been gone a long time from Narnia, and she hopes he won’t come back. She has an army of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. She corrupts Edmund Pevensie with poisoned candy, but Aslan saves him so that he can defeat the Witch in battle by destroying her wand. Aslan finally kills her and frees Narnia.


Professor Digory Kirke

Professor Digory Kirke takes the Pevensie children in when they are evacuated from London during the war. He is the only one who believes that Lucy visited Narnia and tries to convince the others that she may be telling the truth. In The Magician’s Nephew it is revealed that Digory had been present at Aslan’s creation of Narnia when a boy. He treats magic as though it is logical, wondering what they teach children in school these days that they doubt it.


Mrs. Macready

Mrs. Macready is Professor Kirke’s housekeeper. She does not like children and warns the Pevensie children to stay out of her way when she is giving a tour of the house. This makes them seek the wardrobe for a hiding place, and this leads them to Narnia.



Maugrim (known in earlier versions as Fenris Ulf) is a fierce wolf, the Chief of the White Witch’s Secret Police. He arrests Mr. Tumnus and destroys his house. The Witch sends him to hunt down and kill the Pevensie children. He attacks Susan on the hill of the Stone Table but is killed by Peter with encouragement from Aslan.


Edmund Pevensie

Edmund Pevensie is the third of the Pevensie children. He is the problem child in the family since going to a school that brings out a negative streak in him. He jeers and criticizes and undercuts his siblings. He lies to get Lucy into trouble and will not support her stories about Narnia. In Narnia he meets the White Witch, and falls for her temptation of Turkish Delight and a promise of power. Edmund betrays his brother, sisters, and the good citizens of Narnia by siding with the Witch. After he is nearly killed by her, he repents. When he helps Aslan defeat the White Witch, he is crowned King of Narnia with his brother, and becomes known as King Edmund the Just.


Lucy Pevensie

Lucy Pevensie is the youngest Pevensie child. She is the first to discover Narnia by going through the wardrobe in the Professor’s house. Peter and Susan do not believe her, and Edmund torments her about it. Lucy befriends Mr. Tumnus, the Faun in Narnia who saves her life by not informing the Witch of her arrival. When Tumnus is arrested by the Witch, Lucy convinces the others (once they discover Narnia) that they must save him. It is Lucy (with Susan) who follows Aslan to his execution on the Stone Table. They ride on his back to Cair Paravel to save the stone creatures. Lucy is truthful, innocent and adventurous. After the Witch is defeated, she is crowned Queen of Narnia with her sister Susan, and becomes known as Queen Lucy the Valiant.


Peter Pevensie

Peter Pevensie is the oldest of the Pevensie children. Peter seeks the Professor to help them sort out Lucy’s story of Narnia, since their parents are absent and he realizes the children cannot deal with this problem. He respects the Professor’s judgment that Lucy could be telling the truth, and after that he is tolerant of the idea. Peter tries to be fair and keep peace among the children. He protects Lucy from Edmund and earns Edmund’s hatred for scolding him about being mean. In Narnia, Aslan treats Peter as a Prince and future High King. Aslan personally trains Peter, encouraging him to fight Maugrim and to lead his army. In battle, Peter is fearsome, and he is knighted by Aslan as Sir PeterWolf’s-Bane when he kills Maugrim. He is eventually crowned as High King of Narnia, and becomes known as King Peter the Magnificent.


Susan Pevensie

Susan Pevensie is the second oldest child, cautious and gentle, contrasting with Lucy’s more outgoing nature. She questions Lucy’s behavior at first when she speaks of Narnia but apologizes when she finds out she was telling the truth. Susan is ready to retreat when the going is rough, but she is loyal and brave. She is chased up a tree in Narnia by Maugrim the wolf and nearly faints before Peter saves her. With Lucy, Susan witnesses Aslan’s execution on the Stone Table. She and Lucy mourn by the dead body only to see him resurrected in the morning. She rides on his back to Cair Paravel. When crowned a Queen of Narnia, she becomes known as Queen Susan the Gentle.


Mr. Tumnus the Faun

Mr. Tumnus is the Faun Lucy meets as soon as she crosses the threshold of Narnia. He is carrying an umbrella and packages in the snow and invites Lucy to tea in his home. After a nice tea and chat and playing his flute, he informs her he is kidnapping her for the Queen, and then he breaks down crying because he can’t do it. He keeps Lucy’s presence a secret from the Witch though he was supposed to tell her if he ever met a Daughter of Eve or Son of Adam. For his rebellion, Tumnus is arrested by Maugrim, taken to the Queen’s castle, and turned to stone. Lucy finds him again when she goes with Aslan to redeem the stone creatures. Aslan brings him to life, and he is rewarded for helping the children.