The Island of the Blue Dolphins: Character Profiles

Character Profiles
Captain Orlov
The captain is the leader of the hunting group that comes to the island for sea otter. He reneges on his deal with Karana’s father and this leads to the massacre of many of the male islanders.
Chief Chowig
This is Karana’s father and he is depicted as honorable and trustworthy.
Karana is the narrator and main character, and she is also known as Won-a-pa-lei. Her story of survival while alone on the island is at the core of this novel.
Kimki is the new chief after the murder of Chief Chowig. He sails east to find a new home for those that are left after the massacre.
He is Karana’s younger brother and she is protective of him. This is made evident when she swims back for him once she realizes he has been left behind. He is later killed by wild dogs and from this point she is the only human inhabitant of the island.
Rontu had been the leader of the pack of wild dogs that Karana injures when trying to kill him. However, she nurses him back to health and he becomes her companion.
This name means son of Aru and is the second dog that Karana domesticates.
She is an Aleut girl who befriends Karana.
Urlape is Karana’s older sister.