The Iliad: Novel Summary: Chapters 21-22

Chapters 21-22Chapter 21: Achilles kills every Trojan he sees without mercy.  He forces the Trojans to retreat to the Scamander river.  Achilles even fights the river, which is god-like.  The river defeats him, but leaves him alive.  Achilles leaves the river, and rides to the gates of Troy. The Trojans have retreated into the city walls.
Chapter 22: Achilles demands that Hector fight him in single combat.  Hector Agrees, although he is urged to stay by his father King Priam and his wife.  Achilles chases Hector around the city walls three times, and Hector is protected by Athena posing as Deiphobus.  Hector decides to stand and fight, and he believes he is being protected by a benevolent god.  Hector foolishly throws away his spear, and when he asks for another one, there is no god to provide it, because Athena has abandoned him.  Hector asks Achilles for mercy in his death, but Achilles refuses, and tortures Hector before killing him.  Achilles ties Hectors body to his chariot, and rides around the gates of Troy three times with Hectors body dragging behind.