The Iliad: Novel Summary: Chapters 19-20

Chapters 19-20Chapter 19: Thetis presents the armor to her son Achilles, and also helps to preserve Patroclus body.  Achilles abandons his argument with Agamemnon, and they make amends.  Before Achilles enters battle, he is told of the prophesy of his death by Furies, gods that prophesize.  Achilles accepts his fate, and begins to fight.
Chapter 20: Because the gods cannot battle the mortals, they begin to battle each other about the outcome of the war. Meanwhile, Achilles is attacking Hector, to avenge Patroclus.  Achilles is almost ambushed by Aeneas, a Trojan, but Posiedon protects Achilles. Achilles again tries to kill Hector, but Hector is saved by Apollo.  Achilles kills many other Trojans to try to reach Hector.