The Hunchback of Notre-Dame: Novel Summary: Book XI Chapter 2

When Quasimodo discovered that Esmeralda was gone he searched the church many times but could not find her. Finally in frustration and sorrow he returned to her cell and beat his head against the wall. Soon after he came to he realized that the archdeacon must be responsible for her absence and immediately all the hatred he had for her kidnappers turned to immense sorrow. He then noticed the archdeacon approaching the church with his head toward the Seine and the town beyond. Quasimodo followed the priest to the top of the tower where priest fixes his attention upon a distant point. Quasimodo followed his masters gaze and beheld Esmeralda being led to the gibbet and then hung to death. At this moment the archdeacon gave vent to a demonical laugh and though Quasimodo could not hear the laugh he saw it upon his masters face. Enraged, the hunchback pushed the archdeacon from the precipice and with a cry of “Damnation!” the archdeacon fell but caught himself on a gutter head. While he struggled to hold on Quasimodo wept and watched Esmeralda die in the distance. The priest made a final effort to save himself but lost his grip and plummeted to the ground.
Quasimodo surveys the dead girl and the dead priest and cries out “Oh-all that Ive ever loved!”