The Hunchback of Notre-Dame: Novel Summary: Book X Chapter 1

Although the Truand population remained concerned for Esmeralda, Pierre Gringoire has thought little of the gypsy girl since he heard she had found sanctuary in Notre Dame. His latest passion was for the architecture of Paris. One day in the course of studying a building he was surprised to find Claude Frollos hand on his shoulder and even more surprised to see that the priest looked very haggard and pale. The priest tells Gringoire that Esmeralda will be dragged from Notre Dame by the authorities in three days and then hanged. When Gringoire is not overly affected by this knowledge the priest reminds him that Esmeralda once saved his life. Still, Gringoire is unmoved to action. The priest rhetorically compels Gringoire to offer a plan to save the girl. When he can think of nothing feasible the priest suggests that Gringoire come to the church, exchange clothes with the girl and allow her to make her escape. Gringoire is hesitant to accept the plan because it means that he will be hanged in her place. The archdeacon tries to convince Gringoire to sacrifice his life for Esmeraldas to no avail. Gringoire proposes another plan involving a Truand uprising and the priest approves it and they agree to carry it out the following day.