The Hunchback of Notre-Dame: Novel Summary: Book X Analysis

In a story rife with tragic misunderstandings, Quasimodos belief that the Truands are Esmeraldas enemies is perhaps the most tragic. He unwittingly aids Frollos plan to destroy the gypsy by vigorously defending the church against the Truand assault and aiding the soldiers. In this, he mirrors Esmeraldas own misunderstanding in that she believes the soldier Phoebus to be her friend when, in fact, her love for him yields her nothing but misery. Frollo uses Gringoires knowledge of the Truands to oust Esmeralda from her sanctuary and the King unwittingly aids Frollos cause when he, like Quasimodo, mistakenly believes that the Truands wish to hang Esmeralda. The Truands emerge as arguably the true victims of the story as they willingly and needlessly sacrifice their lives trying to free Esmeralda.