The Hunchback of Notre-Dame: Novel Summary: Book IX Chapter 5

When Cluade Frollo learns that Esmeralda is still alive it reawakens all his emotional suffering and he locks himself in his cell for several weeks. From his window he is able to watch all the interactions between Esmeralda and Quasimodo and he is shocked to discover that he has become jealous of the hunchback. One night when his passions wont allow him to sleep he enters Esmeraldas room and to her horror embraces her and begs her to love him. Rebuked, he paws her body with his hand and Esmeralda cries out for help. Her hand encounters Quasimodos whistle and with her last bit of strength she blows a loud clear note. It is dark in the room and Quasimodo blindly seizes the attacker and drags him into the corridor to finish him with a sword. In the hall, however, he recognizes the priest and shrinks back. Esmeralda is surprised to see that the priest now holds Quasimodo at bay and when the priest commands the hunchback to leave he offers his life instead. Before the priest can seize he blade, Esmeralda lays hold of it and taunts the priest whom, giving Quasimodo a firm kick, flees. The priest repeats this fatal sentence to himself: “No one shall have her.”