The Hunchback of Notre-Dame: Novel Summary: Book II Chapter 4

Gringoire, in a spirit of adventure mixed with indecision, decides to follow the gypsy girl. As he walks he flatters himself with the possibility that she might invite him to bed. The girl and the goat follow and winding path through the city and several times she turns and observes Gringoire following her. Gringoire perceives mockery in her expression and begins to slow his pace but then, after the girl has rounded a corner, he hears her scream and he rushes forward to find her in the clutches of Quasimodo and another man. Gringoire calls out for the night watch before Quasimodo throws him the to pavement. Before Quasimodo can escape with the girl, however, a captain of the watch on horseback arrives and seizes the girl and fifteen guards arrive and subdue the snarling hunchback and bind him in chains. The second man has disappeared. Esmeralda is obviously enchanted by the young captain and she learns that his name is Captain Phoebus de Chateaupers before she flees with her goat.