The Fellowship of the Ring: Novel Summary: Book I Chapter 4

Book I, Chapter 4: “A Short Cut to Mushrooms” Continuing their journey to Crickhollow, the Hobbits hear for the first time the blood-chilling call of the Black Riders to one another. The Hobbits arrive at land owned by Farmer Maggot, from whom Frodo used to try and steal mushrooms. They find Maggot wary of travelers, for he has had a strange encounter with a Black Rider asking for “Baggins.” In addition, Maggot harbors a “natural mistrust of the inhabitants of other parts of the Shire.” Even so, Maggot offers the travelers hospitality. After hosting them at dinner, he drives the Hobbits to a ferry across the Brandywine River, where Merry meets them. Farmer Maggot sends them on their way with his best wishes-and a basket of warm, fresh mushrooms.