The Da Vinci Code: Chapter 91

Summary: After binding and gagging Teabing, Rèmy takes the driver’s seat of the knight’s limousine. As he and Silas drive, Silas receives a phone call from the Teacher. The Teacher gives orders for Silas to be left at the Paris Opus Dei residence, and for Rèmy to bring the keystone to him. Sensing Silas’ disappointment that he will not have that honor, the Teacher explains that he intends to punish Rèmy for revealing his face at the Temple Church. The Teacher claims Rèmy has put the entire mission in jeopardy. For his part, however, Rèmy still believes that the Teacher is using not only Silas but also Bishop Aringarosa. He believes his great payday still awaits.

Analysis: In this chapter, the narrative effectively plays Silas and Rèmy’s contradictory views of their situations relative to the Teacher to play off and against each other—further disorienting the reader regarding the Teacher’s true motives and identity. The chapter is a well-constructed piece of suspense.