The Da Vinci Code: Chapter 88

Summary: Langdon and Sophie pursue Rémy, Silas, and Teabing. Sophie convinces Langdon that, for Teabing’s safety, they should involve the London authorities as quickly as possible. When Sophie calls the police, however, she is connected with none other than Captain Bezu Fache, who tells her he has been seeking her in order to bring her back to safety: he says he now believes Langdon is innocent, and he does not want innocent blood on his hands. Sophie, hesitant to believe him, tells Fache that he should be seeking Rémy instead; Fache cuts her off, ordering her to bring herself and Langdon in immediately.

Analysis: Events continue to pick up speed in this chapter as we realize that Fache is lying to Sophie. He is not concerned for her safety; he is not admitting any mistakes. We realize these truths as Sophie does: “Sophie’s jaw fell slack… Fache was not a man who apologized for anything” (p. 397).