The Da Vinci Code: Chapter 84

Summary: Waiting with the limousine in an alley outside the Temple Church, Rémy frees Silas and reveals that he, like the monk, is working for the Teacher. Meanwhile, Captain Fache arrives at Biggin Hill and searches the scene. He finds a smear of blood that the local police did not, and extracts a full confession from Teabing’s pilot. He receives a phone call from Bishop Aringarosa. Fache directs Aringarosa to land at Biggin Hill.

Analysis: Although a brief chapter, this one reveals two important connections. We learn that Fache is in communication with Aringarosa, and not merely as a matter of protocol: Fache tells the bishop, in cryptic terms, “[Y]ou would do well to remember that you are not the only man on the verge of losing everything” (p. 381). These words suggest that Fache’s determined pursuit of Langdon is more than a matter of professional pride, more even than the religious devotion of which Langdon himself is aware. Fache may be somehow connected to the conflict between the Priory and Opus Dei.
For his part, Rémy certainly is. Although Brown has been teasing readers with clues that Sir Teabing may not be all that he seems, we now learn that Teabing’s manservant certainly is involved to a deeper degree than many readers may have suspected. We share Silas’ amazement to learn that Rémy was placed in Teabing’s employ at the Teacher’s own instructions.